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Restaurant Point Of Sale is a very necessary part of a restaurant. There is a huge differnce between restaurant business operation and other retail businesses. In the same way there is a big differnce between retail pos and restaurant pos. A restaurant needed to be automated in its delivery, dine in and take away operation. A restaurant needs a recipe management system which is linked with inventory management system. On the other hand in retail there is not such thing. In a restaurant your kitchen has a different type of operation where specific food is prepaerd on order and then it either served on table or packed for the customer. So there are basically two types of service restaurants i.e. full service restaurant and quick service restaurant. Major Features of Mutfakpos are as follows:

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1- Simple User Interface

Easy For New Staff And Best For Fast Ordering

A complicated and difficult interface causes frustration and results in wrong orders and food wastage. Simple user interface help you to take order faster and results in completion of order in standard time.

Beside this, a simple user interface allows new employees to learn fast and master the basics of  POS System. This will result in saving your money and time.

Simple user interface also helps to establish excellent customer service. To avoid order cancellation and wasting your precious time to just spending on customer to satisfy them and to lose a precious money for just a single tiny mistake.

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2- Flexible Payment Processing
For The Easness Of Customer and To Increase Sale

A lot of restaurants have only single payment procedure. That is a big mistake when you have customer to pay in other way.

You must look for a Point Of Sale System which has flexible payment processing options. Commonly, using the system with its preferred provider will lead to a easy install procedure.

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3- Kitchen Displays System
To Change Wastage Into Profit

Kitchen display system KDS helps you to replace paper tickets and kitchen printers. It is designed to maximize efficiency and accuracy. Cashier and kitchen is always connected with each other and cashier is always informed about the food status. Also chef performance is calculated. Order time is calculated and in this way kitchen efficiency is increased and automatically sale is increased. Kitchen display system is very good in terms to save precious time of the staff. It also makes environment noiseless to give comfort Plus, with a kitchen display system in place, information about additions and changes to orders reaches the kitchen as soon as customers ask for them.

This feature enables accurate orders to be delivered the first time around, minimizes waste, and prevents frustration among kitchen staff, waitstaff, and customers.

Kitchen display screen
4- Inventory Management
To Change Wastage Into Profit

Inventory management seems so basic and simple. But when you have plenty of other things to do, it may become quite difficult to continue.

Any restaurant Point Of Sale System must have strong feature for careful inventory management, so that you avoid overhead, or running out of supplies issues. Mutfakpos has a very powerful inventory management system to control your 100% wastage.

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5- Employee Management
Managed Staff Leads To A Managed Restaurant

Managing Staff is a very necessary but a difficult task, especially a number of details like different shifts, overtime payments and different job tasks etc.

Make sure that you must have such restaurant point of sale POS that  allow you to create an account for new staff, his job role, salary and over time matters etc. In this way restaurant operation goes in a very smooth way by performing specific job done by specific worker of the restaurant.

6- Recipe Management System
Purely Developed For Restaurant Industry

Recipe Management is very important feature of a good restaurant point of sale. It is directly attached to inventory system. You can control wastage by ordering extra stock. Moreover, the taste of the food remains constant to avoid custome complaints. Mutfakpos has a very simple but strong recipe management system, that makes you free from all your wastage matters.

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7- Reporting Management System
Helps You To Analyze Business Performance

Purely Developed For Restaurant Industry Point Of Sale System must have a strong Reporting Management system. You may reach to any report on just two to three clicks and can cusomize any of the report according to your restaurant operation system with the help of alot of filters given at one side. Sale Report, Session Report, Statistics Report, Vendor Report, Stock Report and Delivery Report are main reports of any good restaurant point of sale software.

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8- Reliable Support & Customer Service

Mutfakpos Dedicated Team Is Always Ready To Support You

Even a restaurant point of sale having the best features of the world. But, if the company is not providing a satisfactory support and customer service, it will fall flat. Even your POS system is user friendly like a child play but there are definitely many things that customer always ask. There must be a professional and dedicated support team to serve customer a basic training about the pos system.

At Mutfakpos, we have a dedicated and expert support team for customers that is always ready to offer a helping hand.

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Mutfak POS Is Purely Developed For Restaurant Industry

Feel Complete Control On Your Restaurant

There are many restaurant point of sale available in market but they are not specifically developed for restaurant operation. They are actually retail softwares but are sold to restaurant by changing its interface. Mutfakpos is not only a restaurant pos but a complete restaurant automation solution. It is 100% purely made for food and beverage industry. It is developed by keeping in mind about rush hours of restauran. With a very straightforward interface it make restaurant operation efficent and increase its sale, controls wastage and manages staff well.

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Main Features Of Mutfakpos Software

Few of the major features of our restaurant point of sale are as follows
restaurant inventory management system

Inventory Management

managing restaurant food recipe

Recipe Management

kitchen display screen system

Kitchen Display Screen

waiter ordering through tablet

Waiter Android Tablet Ordering

best restaurant point of sale

Caller ID Delivery Automaton

powerful restaurant reporting system

Strong Reporting System

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